The Fifth Generation

Of POKEMON!  Apparently the first of the lot will be revealed soon, and then a select few will probably follow bit by bit before all of them are suddenly leaked a month before their respective game comes out, like how it's gone on with all the other generations before it.  XD  I'm not sure if I should be delighted or exasperated by this new generation, though.

Why I should be delighted:
I like Pokemon
I like Pokemon games
I like the designs they come up with

Why I should be exasperated:
There's a freaking lot of Pokemon already
I don't have the money to buy any games the new generation will be in
Nintendo STILL hasn't made a sandbox 3D Pokemon game in all this time

Truthfully, the first one doesn't exasperate me as much as it does for other people; the Pokemon world doesn't really seem to have actual animals, and...well, there's millions of different animal species on Earth.  So it makes sense that there'd be a lot of Pokemon if that world really doesn't have regular animals.  The third thing is what really burns me up.  It's just such an obvious but delightful idea that a lot of Pokemon fans would probably LOVE (I know I would love it), and yet it still hasn't been done!  It's not like they don't have the resources to make such a game; Pokemon's a freaking cash cow.  >\

And it's not like they don't already have 3D models for the 493 Pokemon currently in existence...  >_>

And now, as though anyone cares, it's time for details of the nonexistant Pokemon game I fantasize about.
1.)  Contains at least two regions, whether new or currently existing, or one fully-explorable region.  Fully-explorable meaning things like...if you don't want to follow the stupid path in Viridian Forest, you don't have to; you can trek your way through the forest itself!  8D
2.)  Customizable trainer.  The more customizable, of course, the better.
3.)  All Pokemon available in SOME way, shape, or form.  The usual 'event' Pokemon (i.e. Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, Arceus, etc.) would be much, much, much more difficult to find and capture, however; probably much more so than the regular legendaries.  Either that, or all legendaries would be extremely difficult to get.
4.)  Non-linear - or at least mostly non-linear - gameplay.
5.)  Start in whichever region/town you want.  (Honestly, I don't really care for starting off in Pallet Town all the freaking time.  Can't I start off in Celadon City or something for once?  D8)
6.)  Wild Pokemon actually roam around the scenery, and may try to run away or attack you; rarer Pokemon are, of course, harder to find and get to.  (Granted, the game world would have to be relatively large in order to make the amount of Pokemon seem proportional to the actual world itself...I have a feeling that this is one of the main problems with making a 3D Pokemon game.  Pokemon XD and Colosseum got around it by using the Snag Machine, leaving out wild encounters altogether.)
7.)  Rather than being able to just train obsessively in order to annihilate any trainer and gym leader in your path (like I do), trainer difficulties would be varied; some may be laughably weak, while others may scale up in ability to match you in strength, requiring actual use of strategy.  Rarely, a trainer might exceed you in strength, and can only be beaten later or with an exceptionally good strategy; winning against these trainers nets a special reward of some sort.
8.)  Though I'm totally cool with the typical turn-based system Pokemon has always used, a real-time battle system would be equally cool.  It would require yet more strategy (particularly if the opponent is stronger and faster), but it would also be a lot more engaging, as the dodging and basic physical blows (as well as usage of surrounding scenery) from the anime/manga could also be implemented.
9.)  Extra details generally already included in Pokemon games; i.e. night-day system, breeding, contests, date/time-specific events, etc...

Of course, such a game will probably never exist.  Nintendo seems pretty set in its ways when it comes to Pokemon.  :[  It's a shame, really, because when they DO try new things, it ends up pretty cool.  Pokemon games Trozei and Ranger were rather clever, and the double battle system introduced in Ruby/Sapphire can make things a bit more interesting.

Another game I'd like to see is one where you can be a part of a criminal faction like Team Rocket, but seeing as Pokemon is aimed towards kids, that'll never happen.  Don't want to make kids think that stealing is okay, after all.  ...Well, technically speaking, in XD and Colloseum it was considered okay, but only because the Pokemon you were stealing were bad and needed to be fixed so they wouldn't hurt anyone.  XD;

Anyway, seeing as this is a Pokemon-related post, and art is what I originally intended to use this journal for, here's a finished piece of the Pokemon meme I've been working on:

My trainers, and their lovely teams~

And now, journal over!
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Hope and 'Friends'! :D

The word 'friends' being used loosely, as Hope is not a very friend-friendly person.  Or even a friendly person at all, really.

But, yeah, here I gots me some art.

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But, yeah, that's all I got for now.  Gonna go work on some more stuff, I guess.  Maybe write.


I dunno.
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In this post, Metalocalypse is combined with Invader Zim

Me and Emi have been roleplaying some awesome-sauce stuff. PREPARE TO SEE IT IN ALL ITS EDITED GLORY


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Emi - Metalocalypse characters, Mystery
Krys - Invader Zim characters, Hope

Notes:  Mystery is either a clone of Nathan, or that one Succuboso lady had a hand in her conception.  Not sure; waiting for Emi's input on that.  Meanwhile, Hope is from the Fall to Ruin continuity, in which she, Zim, and Dib become somewhat of a family (yes, there are slight ZADR hints, shut up) after escaping Earth (which was attacked by the Krakemeth race on orders from the Almighty Tallests), and, as is stated, they have been away from Earth for around five years.  The story itself, however, has not gotten up to that point yet (because I'm lazy), but Dib will eventually come to be in league with the Resisty, much to Zim's annoyance.  Anyhow, seemingly, in those five years after the Krakemeth attack, Dethklok was kept more or less safe, and the human race has begun to recover and rebuild.  Also, we decided that Professor Membrane works with Dethklok now and then to create their insanely advanced stages and whatnot, hence why Charles didn't order the usual security-stuffs on Dib and company.

Other important details to be added as we think of them.  Mmhmm.
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I fail at imitating Charles, too.

But that's okay. I just wanted to post this quick exchange, brought about by the concept of Pickles/Rockso, which I find hilarious. (And remember, I ship things for the lulz!)

Context: Pickles and Rockso would have a blast getting high together, and would have some pretty wild parties.

Pickles: ...How did that cow get in here? And that shark.
Charles: All right, uh, Pickles, I...hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, uh...this relationship isn't healthy for you. 8|
Charles: Or anyone else, for that matter.
Pickles: We'll tahk aboot that later... Could you please just get this cow outta here? And the shark. It really...smells.
Charles: Oh, so you're still hallucinating. That's fine. Well, I'll just send in someone to remove the, uh, shark...which used to be a perfectly good couch before it ended up covered in vomit. And the cow should probably leave, because if he doesn't, he might have to contend with security in a few minutes. Might get messy.
Rockso: M-m-m-moooooo b-b-baby!
Charles: ...Will. It will get messy.

Brought about in an IM with Emi. The last line wasn't there before; however, it was something I was going to add, but very quickly forgot about until just now. XD It was replaced with: "Charles does not approve of cow-Rockso! ...Or any Rockso, for that matter! >["

I like Charles. 8|
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I failed, that's what I did

I failed at NaNoWriMo. I had to go take care of someone's dogs, and once I sat myself down at her laptop, my inspiration just IMPLODED and I could hardly even write a paragraph.

And now, thinking back on what I wrote, it needs a serious makeover anyway. It goes by way too fast. Seriously, three days in, and the main trio had already covered what, from the original sketches of the land in question, was supposed to be at LEAST a hundred miles of terrain. And that's with plenty of breaks in between. No. No, that's just not right. I need to fix that.

And I'm pretty sure I need to fix how the characters are behaving. The 'spirit' characters are supposed to act a little strange in comparison to humans, but...yeah. I have to work on that, too. Write up little drabbles to work out mannerisms and whatnot, I guess. Just for major characters, though.

Also, seeing as I'm sick of working on it at the moment, I'm turning to other projects instead.

I've been getting some development work on Fall to Ruin's sequel, finally. I only have five more chapters to plan out, and then I can actually start on the writing process~ :3

Three other stories are being slowly pieced together in my mind, but those aren't as important.

AND NOW THIS JOURNAL IS OVER because I stopped caring about writing it. :D
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Sad?  Try Happy!

So it's been a while.

I'm failing miserably at updating more often. That's because NaNoWriMo has taken over my BRAIN.

I'm just about at the halfway point. Good ol' 25 grand.

Hoping to finish another 4000 today, but that's probably not going to happen. BUT I SHALL STILL TRY.

After NNWM, I'll likely take a break from this story and either work on Fall to Ruin's sequel (I really need to get used to either calling it PutP, Pieces, or its full title of 'Picking up the Pieces' someday), or I'm going to try to poke Maylia into helping me lay down a basic outline for Bob n' Joe's story so I can write a little lighthearted tale of wacky romance. Involving catboys from outer space that can break the fourth wall at will. XD

Speaking of cats, this is awesome: Simon's Cat

In other news, my computer just made some really weird noises. I punched it, and it shut up.

And now my hand hurts.

Oh, well.



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